Thank you for your attention to WiSTONE. WiSTONE is a mobile entertainment service provider concentrating on specialized market segments. We are focusing on creativity and uniqueness, hoping to bring some fun to your everyday life.

WiSTONE has become a pronoun of "Strategy", "Military", and "Hardcore" games in China. Our star product, War 2 Victory, had remained as Top Grossing No. 1 App in China AppStore for over one year! This game have been online for over 7 years, however up till today, there are still many loyal players logging into this game, just to see old friends and have a chat with them. And here games will never be a short-time service. This is our goal of producing games - No Haste, No Anxiety Push, and No Short-term Exploitation, just dedicating to create a friendly gaming environment. In such environment, all the players can play freely with others, and finally become old friends.

Ten years have passed since the foundation of WiSTONE in 2006. From the founders to major management team members, they are all members of WiSTONE family. Many of them are still young graduates when they join, but now have already become married youth, and even become the CEO of independent subsidiary companies. In 2014, we demerged our business into 5 branch or subsidiaries, with 3 of them focusing on their respective R&D business, and two of them are for publishing. And WiSTONE U.S. branch is providing entertainment services directly to players in North America. WiSTONE has been always following the original aspiration. With the revenue growth continuously year after year, the employees are also enjoyed the reasonable returns from such achievements.

However, we are not self-contented on the historical achievements, and never cease our steps because of this. WiSTONE is creating new contents in the sphere of most advanced technology. In 2015, we successfully hatched a VR subsidiary, Mirage Interactive, aiming at producing gaming services in the fields of VR industry. We firmly believe, WiSTONE will not be absent from the emerging of each new technology. We will stand at the front edge of game services.

After you get to know a little bit about WiSTONE, we are honored to have the opportunity to provide you some gaming experience, and bring more smiles to your life.

Sincerely Yours,

A Naughty Stone with Miracles


WiSTONE Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("WiSTONE") is a leading mobile game developer and publisher in China. WiSTONE was founded by Ms. Cindy Cao in 2006. In 2009, Mr. Richard Wu became the CEO.

WiSTONE completed the financing rounds invested by IDG, Chengwei Ventures and TBP Capital. Currently the company has 128employees.

At the very beginning of foundation, WiSTONE had been working closely with Nokia, NEC, and Motorola on offline games, and soon became popular among many players. In a later stage, to meet the ever-changing and increasing market needs of users worldwide, WiSTONE started to explore the online game market. Online products are developed one after the other, including popular titles War 2 Victory, Call of Champions, Knights of the Kings and etc.. These products are published by WiSTONE, domestic and overseas, which achieve outstanding achievements and enable WiSTONE to be one of the top game developers with capabilities of field development and global publishing in China.