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War 2 Victory on iPhone: 1st Exposal

Seek honor and glory in the battlefields of WWII in the new MMO strategy game War 2 Victory. Take charge of either Allied or Axis forces and build a lone outpost into a mighty war machine. Build, Expand, and CONQUER!

-Build your forces from a lone outpost to a dozen mighty fortresses.

-Marshall your workers, construct massive factories, and develop advanced technologies.

-Assemble powerful alliances to survive in a sea of Machiavellian schemes.

-Battle your enemies by land, by air, or by sea with over 40 historically accurate units.

-Innovative turn-based battles put YOU in charge.

-Straightforward missions system helps you quickly develop your army and get into the thick of the action.

-Free to Play, no tricks.

Honor or ignominy await on the fields of battle in War 2 Victory

Fans group of War2Victory:

There will be various events in the fan site on facebook. Come on in and join us!