Tank Generals was officially online. And several big titles to be launched constitutes the best strategy games of WiSTONE, including War 2 Victory II, War 2 Victory Html5 Version, and VR title - Heroes of the Seven Seas!

Eternal Life, and Tank Generals were released in this year. Meanwhile, WiSTONE marched towards VR business, established VR the subsidiary, Mirage Interactive, to be focusing on development of VR games.

Five subsidiaries of WiSTONE were established in this year, with 3 of them were for game development and 2 of them were for gae publishing. WiSTONE was greatly strengthened by this strategic adjustment.

Knights of the Kings was launched, with excellent achievements in regions including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea and south-east Asia

War 2 Victory Android version became the market focus with an eye-catching performance, which become the new revenue generator of WiSTONE. This Android version was featured by Google PlayStore for over 20 days after launch.

The gross revenue of the company exceeded 100 million RMB, and the profits was over tens of millions. Among the revenues, War 2 Victory iOS version had created the highest grossing in China, and remained as No 1 in top grossing in AppStore in China.

Multiplatform gaming services were provided by War 2 Victory. Inter-platform servicing and capabilities of resolving major technical issues became core elements of competiveness of WiSTONE.

Anrufen Online became the first Symbian online game launched globally. Anrufen Online became one of most popular mobile online games in China, and gained the highest evaluation score from China Mobile game center. In the same year, interactive war strategy game War 2 Victory was launched with WEB and Mobile clients.

Anrufen Online, the first successful Symbian online game, was launched this year. It also became a milestone product among online game users.

Turning to development of online games while developing offline games.

Since the very beginning of foundation, WiSTONE has been working closely with international mobile devices vendors including Nokia, NEC, and Motorola on offline games, which soon becomes the favorites of many players.